FAQ from the Providers

1.  Can kids with asthma wear a mask all day?  Yes, it is safe for asthmatics to wear a mask.  Realistically, they are at higher risk from complications from all respiratory illnesses, so the mask should be beneficial in protecting them against COVID as well as other common respiratory illnesses. 

2. Should I send my child back to school/daycare? Each family should assess their own risk tolerance.  For example, if they are living in the same house with grandparents or an individual with a chronic illness (diabetes, cancer, etc.) they may decide it is safer for their child to do e-learning.  Healthy households should send their children back to school.  Parents should consider social distancing from high risk individuals while their children are in school.

3. Is it ok to travel?  It is ok if you are taking the same precautions that we are asking you to take while at home.  Avoid crowded environments (water parks, busy hotels, restaurants, etc.).  Road trips are theoretically safer.  

4. Someone in class tested positive, what should I do?  Each school will have their own rules re exposure and return to school.  If it is a close contact*, testing may be worthwhile for purposes of quarantining.

*From the CDC: "Based on our current knowledge, a close contact is someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before illness onset until the time the patient is isolated."

5. We were in contact with someone who was in contact with someone that was positive, what should I do?  No reason to test unless you have a close contact* to a positive case.

6. My kid has COVID symptoms, should I get him/her tested?  You should isolate for 14 days.  You may want to consider testing if you have high risk contacts so they can be informed of any risk to them.  School may also require testing.

7.  My kid has non-COVID symptoms, should I get them tested?  COVID is presenting differently in children than in adults in many cases.  It is important to remember that as we enter fall/winter, we will see may common childhood illnesses return as they normally do.  Please seek medical care for your children as you normally would (persistent fevers, lethargy, possible dehydration, difficulty breathing, worsening cough, etc.).

8. I just had a baby, who can come visit me and when is it safe for people to hold or see the baby?  We don't know much about COVID in newborns.  If potential visitors have been quarantined (no work outside the home) for 2 weeks, they can visit.  Other visitors should be masked and 6 ft away. If holding baby, they should also be gloved.  Use common sense as you would with a newborn during any other non-pandemic time - no sick visitors.

9. I tested positive for COVID, how long do my children have to self-isolate?  Currently, the recommendation is 14 days.  We are learning new things about COVID every day so it is important to be flexible with recommendations and new information is learned.

10. Can you send an order for COVID testing?  We are only writing orders for patients that are seen in our office.  There are many testing sites across the state that do not require a doctor's order. Even with an order, results can take 3-7 days, so isolation will still be necessary.

11.  I would like to have my child start preschool.  Should we hold off on sending them?  Again, please assess your own family's risk tolerance.  Pregnant mothers are now considered high risk for COVID so this may factor into your decision as well.

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Masks will be required in our office should McHenry County COVID community levels become HIGH





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